Welcome to the Applied Masculinities

and Positive Psychology Lab

We are a group of students and faculty in the APA-Accredited Counseling Psychology program at the University of Kansas that are dedicated to researching men and masculinities and positive psychology. On our website, you can learn about our lab members, the scope of our research, and review our recent and ongoing projects.

Our aims include engaging in research and social justice projects that:

  • Promote the positive functioning of men, their families, and communities
  • Reduce stigma and barriers to help-seeking by engaging men in therapy and healthy behaviors
  • Promote diverse and healthy masculinities
  • Enhance men’s understanding of the social construction of gender and the contextual nature of masculinities
  • Explore and develop empirical support for positive psychological interventions
  • Promote the continued development of positive psychological science and practice

Dr. Cole will be accepting applications for new students for Fall 2024.