Current Projects

Hope Through Strengths Positive Psychotherapy Clinic

The Positive Psychotherapy Practicum is a 9-session teletherapy clinic provided by the KU Counseling Psychology Programs. The practicum provides free teletherapy to adults living in Kansas. The primary focus of the clinic is to reduce anxiety, depression, and general life stress by using positive psychology principles to enhance well-being. Fredrickson’s Broaden and Build Theory of Positive Emotion is the mechanism of change, with clients experiencing positive emotion throughout the course of therapy as a result of making new meaning from life events, exploring their strengths, and engaging in hopeful thinking.  To date, students in our program have provided over 1400 hours of free therapy to adults across Kansas. 

Positive Psychotherapy Clinic- KU Alumni Magazine

Kansas adults eligible for free, online therapy through University of Kansas- KCTV5 

Additional Areas of Research include:

  • Examination of factors promoting paternal involvement with infants including hope, well-being, paternal mental health, and the co-parenting relationship.
  • Examination of factors promoting men’s mental health help-seeking behaviors.
  • Men’s experiences of depression.

Additional areas of student led research include:

  • Masculinities and body image
  • Masculinities and male friendship
  • Masculinities and self-compassion